Namaste precious ones. As you all probably know by now, me and my team have launched the first annual Spiritual event, SoulWave 2019. We have tread into the first milestone of this magnificent manifestation which will bring together multiple causes and communities each year to expand the awareness of the One Consciousness to the rest of the country and world.

As an effort to initiate the basic foundation, we are seeking for contributions from each one of you as this sacred path is for each one of us. It is necessary as we know, to bring together all that is required to build this up and every dollar would count.

Besides that we are also inviting raccoon one of you to come forward to volunteer and showcase your spiritual work under this banner in an effort to reach out to thousands of souls from all over. We invite you with our deepest, humble love towards anything you wish to offer to set this three days event up,  which is expected to happen later this year. We are yet to confirm the venue and dates since we are in the preliminary phase of organizing this mammoth event.

Thank you for your incredible love and support.