We all tell lies, some more than others. Lies are told under many circumstances and therefore not all of them are negative in character.

A lie can also be told to make a person feel better or achieve more than what was thought as possible. The mind can be made to believe in just about anything. In children, fairy tales come to life from the books and movies that depict them. They weave colorful dreams and fantasies in young minds. These fantasies are lies unless proven otherwise. 

Till recently, the imaginary adventures of a young wizard had a good portion of the world’s population thrilled. Did anyone complain about the author churning out a bunch of lies? I don’t believe so. In fact, it turned her into a multi-millionaire because she managed to spin stories faster than she could probably spin spells, which were bursting with fascinating plots and characters.
Somewhere along the way, we all fade away into reality. Our minds only choose to believe what they can see. The charms of dreams diminish into the depths of our souls. Today, I stand before you as someone who refuses to abandon my dreams. Brand me guilty, if you will, but I know that my life stands at a much higher level, in every aspect, when compared to those who have ceased to believe in their dreams.

I choose to believe in all that exists and not only in those that I see. There is a vast difference between them. There is still so much more within this planet that lies undiscovered and unrevealed. Who am I to conclude what more life can bring?

As a Spiritual Visionary and Guide, I am glad that I didn’t have to lie to myself about the things I knew only I could see. I never told anyone about it. I felt that I would be told to be quiet about it or even lie to myself they don’t exist. Wise decision – for a child!

I lie to myself quite frequently. I lie to my mind so that it will believe in what I want. When I tell myself that I own a Chevrolet (yes I do own a Chevrolet but not at the time this article was written) and claim it my mind, it begins to believe it. I add more energy to it each day by visualizing the car with an ever increasing intensity. I am lying to my brain and it may even sound strange to some of you, but any thought can manifest, if we will it. To manifest, one begins with visualization.

Take a few snaps of the house that you really want to own. Stare at them each day. Imagine living in it. Tell yourself it is your home. Each day, you will get closer to your dream, no matter what it is.
There is something I need to also say before you hit the START button. I do not, in any way, imply that you can just sit around in your PJs all day long, just lying to your brain that a million dollars is going to land on your lap. To do so, would be unfair. Believing in what you want, while working towards it brings predictable results, when compared to mere attempts that hold no emotional connection. This is not an easy way out of your problems. It will just help you get there sooner. You will surprise yourself with all that your mind is capable of achieving if you were to just make it believe so. 

So, go ahead and lie to yourself. You won’t be sorry. I promise.